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Our Mission: To promote the business interests of Florida defense contractors through focused, statewide activities in business development, industry education, and advocacy.
  • The only association for Florida defense businesses of all sizes across Florida

  • Leading a statewide business network with members in varied and diverse industries

  • Decades of combined experience in Florida economic development, business development, and governmental affairs

  • Did you know?
    Facts about Florida's defense industry.

The only business association:

Focused on meeting your unique needs.

Connecting you with defense businesses, primes and subcontractors, all across Florida.

With a board like you, comprised of leaders from small to large Florida defense businesses.

Engaged for your success during uncertain times.

Working tirelessly to improve your business climate.

Conducting events, activities, and advocacy specifically tailored for you and your defense business.
Chair, Tim Bagniefski
VP of Marketing and Business Development
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems
President, Joe Marino
Vice-President, Noel McCormick
McCormick Stevenson Engineering and Design
Treasurer, Drew Harris
Systems Engineer / Network Administrator
First Commerce Credit Union
Secretary, Sue Englander
President and CEO
EEI Manufacturing Services
Hundreds of Florida companies earn prime contract defense revenue each year, and thousands more are subcontractors.

Each one contributes to and provides the best equipment and services in the world for our men and women serving in the US Armed Forces through:
Advanced Manufacturing
Information Technology
Research and Development
Simulation and Training
Security Services
Transportation and logistics
and more.
Over 100 businesses from international prime contractors to subcontractors are FDCA Members.
Total Military and Defense economic impact: $73.4 Billion
Florida Defense Factbook 2013, Haas Center for Enterprise Florida (EFI)

Federal military procurement is a key driver of Florida’s high-wage, high-technology economy, generating...nearly 200,000 jobs across the state. [T]his accounts for a sizeable portion of Florida employment in key areas such as engineering and manufacturing.
Florida Defense Industry Economic Impact Analysis 2013, Haas Center for EFI

Procurement Totals by Year (in billions):


FDCA Corporate Membership
FDCA offers corporate Memberships for Florida defense businesses, prime and sub contractors, of all sizes, which earn revenue supporting or relating to national security (DoD/non-DoD revenue).

We also offer Associate Memberships for organizations which support or provide services to defense businesses.

  • FDCA Members

  • Overall benefits of supporting FDCA with your membership

  • Benefits to fit your unique business

  • Affordable dues for every business size

Directly connect with over 100 FDCA Member businesses from international prime contractors to subcontractors, such as:

Full Public Membership Directory
Your dues provide necessary resources for activities towards accomplishing our Mission, which results in:

Supporting Defense Businesses and the Industry
Providing You New Business Opportunities
Lowering Your Cost of Operating in Florida
Making Your Businesses More Competitive
Members Assoc.
Voting Rights
Develop Your Business:
Exclusive Opportunities, Events, and Discounts; Access to Member Only Online 24 hour networking
Promote Your Business:
Listing on Website, Communications, and other online properties
Improve Your Business Climate:
Legislative Advocacy
Maximize Your Participation:
Up to 3 Point of Contact Representatives, sit on committees
Determine your business' Average Annual Florida Defense Revenue (AAFDR).

AAFDR = (Annual Revenue in FL) - (non-defense revenue) - (revenue subcontracted out)

AAFDR 12 month Dues
over $20 M $2000 $166.67/mo
$10 M to $20 M $1000 $83.34/mo
$5 M to $10 M $500 $41.67/mo
$2.5 M to $5 M $250 $20.84/mo
up to $2.5 M $175 $14.59/month
Not a defense business $500
Events Drive Business Development
Businesses development opportunities occur when businesses connect. It takes time to find the right contact at the right company who can help your business succeed. Are you reaching your target audience?
FDCA events are open to all Florida defense business professionals (except the Federal Affairs Workshop). Members receive discounts.

  • Our audience is your audience - activities specifically designed for defense businesses

  • Four Feature Events a year, one a quarter, throughout Florida and Washington DC

  • Networking Mixers provide you an informal and relaxed setting to reach your audience

  • FDCA Webinars are tools for you to exchange knowledge and keep up with what is affecting the industry in Florida and your business

You have many options, and your time is valuable. Your audience attends our events, so you receive a better return on you time and resources investment :
Business owners
CEO's, COO's, CFO's
Business Development Managers
Supply Chain Managers
and more.
Prime contractors
Small to Large Businesses
First Coast Defense Expo
November 6, 2014, Jacksonville, FL
Registration Open!
FL Defense Day
Winter, 2015, Tallahassee, FL
Registration Opening Soon
FL Defense Technology Showcase
Spring, 2015, Clearwater, FL
Registration Opening Soon
Federal Affairs Workshop
June 26, 2014, Washington, DC
Registration Opening Soon
FDCA Member Only Event
Coming Soon!

Advocating a Better Business Climate
Florida Capitol Complex The business climate in which you operate greatly affects your competitiveness. Your company is a federal contractor, but is also a Florida business. We have unique issues our industry and businesses need to bring to the attention of state leaders.

Every major industry in Florida has a presence in Tallahassee. FDCA is yours.

Our focal point for advocacy is the Florida Legislature and Executive Branch during the annual Legislative Session. We are working on your behalf for:

  • Defense Works in Florida

  • Unemployment Insurance Relief

Economic development incentive for Florida prime contractors to target and award subcontracts to Florida small business subcontractors

Protect Florida federal contractors reducing workforce, as a result of contract termination for convenience, against higher unemployment insurance rates


Your business may or may not have the resources for a government affairs staff, or the time and relationships it takes to invest toward a better business climate in Florida; however, a small portion of FDCA membership dues goes towards this vital work.
Connect and stay informed of events and news in your area and around the state:
Free and open to the public regardless of membership status

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Military, Defense & Veterans Opportunities Summit - Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Florida is a pivotal location for military installations, infrastructure and veterans. How will our state continue to serve as a hub into 2030 and beyond?

The 2014 Florida Chamber Foundation’s Military, Defense & Veterans Opportunities Summit will gather leaders from Florida’s military and defense industry, economic development experts, policymakers and the business community to take an expanding challenge facing Florida throughout the next 20-plus years.

The 2014 Six Pillars Summits are unique opportunities to be on the front lines as we take on the Goals, Gaps and Grand Plans facing the Sunshine State now and into the future.

PARTNERS CareerSource Florida Central Florida Partnership Enterprise Florida, Inc. Florida Defense Contractors Association Florida Regional Councils Association Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Space Florida

More Info: Military, Defense & Veterans Opportunities Summit - Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation

MacDill May Get $32M in Upgrades for New Jets - Military.com

"MacDill Air Force Base will likely receive about $32 million in upgrades to accommodate eight new KC-135 refueling jets scheduled to arrive here over the next few years, according to U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor.

Castor, who hosted a bipartisan meeting between Tampa's Congressional delegation and a top Air Force official on Tuesday, said that the delegation was advised about the needed infrastructure improvements by Kathleen Ferguson, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Logistics.

Ferguson advised that $32 million in infrastructure upgrades to prepare for the additional aircraft likely will be programmed in the next couple of fiscal years, Castor said in the media release."

MacDill May Get $32M in Upgrades for New Jets | Military.com

Defense Appropriations Bill Approved By Full CommitteeTalk Radio News Service

"The FY 2015 Defense Appropriations bill passed through the full Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday.

The bill, which passed unanimously via a voice vote, budgets $549.3 billion in base and overseas contingency operation funding, a decrease in funding compared to $572 billion budgeted last year."

Defense Appropriations Bill Approved By Full CommitteeTalk Radio News Service

Will Pentagon need a funding stopgap? - TheHill

"A senior member of the House Armed Services Committee said Tuesday that Congress would likely need to pass a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the Defense Department (DOD) until after the November elections.

“I’d love to see all the appropriations bills get done prior to the end of the budget year … but all the discussions I’ve had point to a short-term CR until after the election and then putting together the budget bills,” said Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.), head of the committee’s Readiness subpanel.

Even though both chambers are “a lot farther along than we’ve been in the recent past,” Wittman said, appropriators are not “at a point where they’d be willing to coalesce into an omnibus budget bill” and vote on it by Oct. 1, the start of fiscal 2015.

“So that leads us to a short-term CR,” Wittman said during a Defense Writers Group Breakfast."

Will Pentagon need a funding stopgap? | TheHill

SpaceX plans to move launches to Texas | Destination Space

"It's a sign that Florida's Space Coast may be losing its grip as America's go-to place for launching missions to space. Virginia is launching NASA missions to the International Space station.

"It is naïve for us to assume the loss of SpaceX commercial activity to Texas is not a significant blow to our plans and our future," Ketcham said. "It is. And our job is to be aggressive as possible seeing to it that more of that work doesn't leave and next year, somebody is announcing they're going to Georgia."

Space Florida officials said they need their own launch site — independent on NASA and the U.S. Air Force. It would be a site where commercial companies can launch without extra government regulation."

SpaceX plans to move launches to Texas | Destination Space

44th Fighter Group Arrives At Tyndall Air Force Base - WMBB News 13

"For four years, Tyndall Air Force Base has been working with Holloman AFB in New Mexico to move their F-22 program here to Bay County, and on Saturday, Tyndall added the finishing touches to the project.

Raptors fly high, but spirits were higher at Tyndall Air Force Base with the arrival of the 44th Fighter Group from New Mexico. This reserve group is the last unit coming from Holloman in the project that is making Tyndall home to the most F-22s in the world. Saturday, they held a ceremony for Col. Scott Crogg to assume command of the unit, where he has high hopes for the new-look Tyndall.

"Most of us get into the business to be on the pointy end of the spear so to speak" he says, "We want to be involved in combat operations. You just can't say enough about having a piece of the entire mission. When something happens in this world, whether it be in the Far East, or Southwest Asia, or anywhere, we can expect that the F-22 is gonna go.""

44th Fighter Group Arrives At Tyndall Air Force Base - WMBB News 13 - The Panhandle's News Leader

First drone unit arrives at Hurlburt; no aircraft move with it - Northwest Florida Daily News

"The 2nd Special Operations Squadron was formed in 2009. At that time, most Air Force drone units were located in Nevada.

But, the intention was always to move the squadron closer to its special ops parent unit at Duke Field, according to a spokeswoman for Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt.

“While the location at Nellis ... met the operational requirements at that time, the distance posed some great challenges,” she said. “Bringing the unit closer fixes many of those challenges and permits better interaction with its personnel on a daily and more personal basis.”

Also, Hurlburt has the communications infrastructure necessary for operations, she said."

First drone unit arrives at Hurlburt; no aircraft move with it - Top Story - Northwest Florida Daily News

Pacific Energy Solutions LLC, Boca Raton, Florida, awarded $334,135,534

Pacific Energy Solutions LLC, Boca Raton, Florida, is being awarded $334,135,534 for firm-fixed-price task order 0002 under a previously awarded solar power generation multiple award contract (N62742-11-D-1192) for the procurement of electricity produced from renewable energy generation systems. The work to be performed provides for purchase of reliable locally generated, alternating current, power from solar power generation systems that are designed, constructed, owned, operated, and maintained by the contractor on government property.

Defense.gov Contracts for Friday, July 11, 2014