Thursday, April 17, 2014

Military towns: 'Turn your alert buttons on' - Pensacola News Journal

"As the military restructures under sequestration, some military communities could be faced with the loss of personnel or facilities. That would mean lost economic opportunities.

The Defense Department has repeatedly called on Congress to set up a new Base Realignment and Closure Commission for 2017. Lawmakers are firmly against it ... ahead of midterm elections.

But, there are laws on the books that give DOD authority to close facilities without BRAC or Congress. Inside Title 10 of the U.S. Code is Section No. 2687. It gives the services authority to close bases after “notification” of Congress. It’s a major political risk."

Military towns: 'Turn your alert buttons on' | Pensacola News Journal |

U.S. defense industrial base is vulnerable and needs fixing - TheHill

"U.S. strategy has long been undergirded by technology. When the commander in chief sends U.S. forces into battle, they have weapons, platforms, and other gear that can outperform any competitor. And it’s our obligation as American citizens to ensure that our nation’s warfighters retain that technological advantage.

An underappreciated fact, however, is that the maintenance of this advantage is directly related to the strength of the U.S. defense industrial base. A collection of private firms large and small, these companies provide the military with its equipment, from warplanes and precision-guided missiles to uniforms and night vision devices.

Assuredly, the Department of Defense (DOD) understands the importance of its own health. The 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) stated that “U.S. innovations in warfighting, which have provided key capability advantages…are built on the continued strength of our defense industrial base.” And several programs within the Pentagon are already underway to preserve that strength. But the sheer number of demands placed on DOD — not to mention the stresses of sequestration and budget uncertainty — means that a lot of work is still left to be done."
U.S. defense industrial base is vulnerable and needs fixing | TheHill

Last F-22s have arrived - The News Herald

"Tyndall Air Force Base welcomed the last of the F-22 Fighter Squadron this week.

The F-22 Raptors from the 7th Fighter Squadron at Holloman Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M. arrived to Tyndall Air Force Base Tuesday, Tyndall officials said.

In total, 24 F-22 Raptors were transferred to Tyndall from Holloman, officials said. The process to move the entire squadron began in January."

Last F-22s have arrived - Government - The News Herald

The Haskell Co., Jacksonville, Fla., awarded $6,883,727

The Haskell Co., Jacksonville, Fla., is being awarded a $6,883,727 firm-fixed-price modification to increase the maximum dollar value of a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract (N40085-11-C-4019) for the mitigation of unsuitable soils under the taxiway apron for apron expansion, Phase II, parallel taxiway, hangar, and Marine vertical 22 maintenance hangar at Marine Corps Air Station New River. The work to be performed provides for design and construction to mitigate unsuitable soils by providing cement stabilization and installation of an underdrain system under the apron. After award of this modification, the total cumulative contract value will be $151,304,423. Work will be performed in Jacksonville, N.C., and is expected to be completed by March 2015. Contracts for Monday, April 14, 2014

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, Largo Fla., awarded $8,347,097

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, Largo Fla., is being awarded an $8,347,097 modification to previously awarded contract (N00024-12-C-5231) to exercise options for Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) for two AN/USG-2B Shipboard System, one DDG Mod Kit, and one DDG Mod INCO-R Kit. CEC is a sensor netting system that significantly improves battle force anti-air warfare capability. CEC improves battle force effectiveness by improving overall situational awareness and by enabling longer range, cooperative, multiple, or layered engagement strategies. Work will be performed in St. Petersburg Fla. (90 percent), Largo, Fla. (10 percent), and is expected to be completed by October 2015. Contracts for Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

For Manufacturing Workforce Needs Learn about FL TRADE

The Florida TRADE Consortium is a group of 12 state and community colleges located throughout the state of Florida.

Florida TRADE’s mission is to develop and deliver accelerated training programs that upon completion would allow program participants to:

1. Upgrade current skills and knowledge
2. Learn new skills
3. Gain industry-recognized technical certifications
4. Earn academic credits toward college degrees
5. Procure employment

In September of 2012, the Consortium was awarded a $15 million dollar Department of Labor TAACCCT grant to fund this mission.

The program targets displaced workers who have lost their jobs due to foreign trade, unemployed workers, incumbent workers looking to upgrade their current skills or learn new skills, students and returning veterans who are looking to transition back into the workforce.

The Florida TRADE program is designed to deliver accelerated training that can be completed in 3-6 months (depending on the program) and that lead to internships and jobs in manufacturing.

Visit FL TRADE website

FDCA Membership Renewal: Cobra Design and Engineering

Cobra Design and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Design

Cobra Design & Engineering, Inc. is a full service mechanical engineering and design company. From the small entrepreneur to the large corporation, we strive to meet your product development and engineering needs. Integrating the most innovative design approach with traditional engineering principles we provide our clients with the highest quality product designs on time and at a fair price. Our engineers blend creative and innovative problem solving techniques with their knowledge of science and industry experiences. From your idea to a finished product we help you bring your ideas to life. As an engineering design and consulting firm we strive to support your mechanical engineering, mechanical design and circuit card design needs.


FDCA Welcomes New Member: Binnacle Advisory Group, LLC

Binnacle Advisory Group, LLC

Defense, Health

Regardless what business or organization you are in or what mission you have, we can help your organization grow and thrive. Our people bring insight, clarity and the practical experience needed to help you address your most pressing issues. BinnacleAG is committed to helping our clients address business challenges and implement measurable solutions. We understand the complexity of operating in today’s resource-constrained environment. At BinnacleAG, we view the current business environment as an opportunity to optimize people, process, and technology resources. Helping organizations thrive in challenging times is our passion and our core competency. BinnacleAG members are leaders in industry associations, veteran organizations, and community groups. We are certified project managers, business analysts, HR professionals, management consultants and change practitioners. Each of our advisors holds advanced academic degrees in related business fields and has more than 20 years of relevant experience. Functional expertise in key areas of your organization More than 40 years of consulting experience Blended cadre of licensed and certified advisors including business practitioners, educators, and retired military personnel Strong and knowledgeable network of professionals Trusted counsel BinnacleAG delivers exceptional results and maintains a competitive advantage by teaming with some of the best-in-class large and small businesses. Through our teaming partners, BinnacleAG services can be contracted using a variety of vehicles including AIMS and Seaport-e.

Service-Disabled Veteran Owned
Woman Owned
Other Small Business (SB) Performing in the United States

Lockheed-built Hellfire missile added to littoral combat ships - Jacksonville Business Journal

"Navy officials say they are enhancing its littoral combat ships by bringing Lockheed Martin Corp.'s Hellfire missile on board, according to DOD Buzz.

Mayport Naval Station will be the East Coast homeport for the controversial new class of ship, which are seen as replacing the frigates that had been the backbone of the fleet there. The plan has been to bring 14 of the ships there by 2020, which would add about 1,700 sailors and civilian personnel to the base — although it's unclear how those numbers  will be affected by the issues facing the ship.

Lawmakers often criticize the LCS for not being survivable enough, so Navy leaders hope the missile will give the platform more fire-power.

The longbow Hellfire does not require laser-designation to pinpoint targets, instead using millimeter wave seeker technology that can autonomously track and destroy multiple targets simultaneously. "

Lockheed-built Hellfire missile added to littoral combat ships - Jacksonville Business Journal

Commentary: The Growing Shadow BRAC - Defense News

"The conventional wisdom that there won’t be another Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round is dangerously short-sighted. First, significant force structure and basing decisions are already occurring even without a formal BRAC round, what I call a “Shadow BRAC.”

Second, there is a much greater chance that President Barack Obama’s request for a BRAC round in 2017 will be passed than most expect.

The US military is engaging in the biggest drawdown since the post-Cold War era of the 1990s. The Army is shrinking from 570,000 soldiers to less than 450,000. The Air Force has cut 500 aircraft since the 2005 BRAC round, and the fiscal 2015 presidential budget proposes reducing that total by another 488 aircraft, creating the smallest force since the inception of the independent Air Force in 1947.

Whether your local base loses its aircraft due to a decision by the Pentagon or a BRAC commission, the base is just as empty."

Commentary: The Growing Shadow BRAC | Defense News |